Yes You Are…

in good hands when it comes to life insurance that fits your needs

If you currently DO NOT have a life insurance policy or have a existing policy with another provider that you would like clarification on, We are here to help make sure YOUR policy protects YOUR Legacy.

Basic life insurance and annuity Summary

We offer 4 main forms of protection when it comes to protecting your funds and future expenses.


Final Expense

Final expense coverage gives you a death benefit that can help pay for the expenses for your funeral, memorial service, cremation, and/or burial. Policies can also be made to pay for last-minute medical bills, valid debts, and taxes.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can pay probate and other estate administration costs, debts and medical expenses not covered by health insurance. Even those with no other assets to pass on, can create an inheritance by buying a life insurance policy and naming their heirs as beneficiaries

Long-Term Care

Long-term care insurance provides coverage for the costs of long-term care associated with the activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, dressing, and other needs. The need for long-term care may be due to a chronic illness or injuries that require extended rehabilitation and care.


An annuity is a long-term insurance product that provides guaranteed income. Annuities are a common source of retirement income because they provide a steady stream of payments at regular intervals and because their earnings grow tax-deferred until you withdraw funds.